Printrboard Setup and Firmware Upgrade

Printrboard Setup and Firmware Upgrade

Here you will find instructions on how to install drivers for your Printrboard and preform firmware upgrades.


Download the following:

Arduino 0022 : Its needed to flash firmware upgrades to your Printrboard. This environment is specifically designed to work with the Printrboard. Any others will not work.

Driver : Needed for Windows


After download is complete install the driver first. Launch the setup and follow the on screen instructions. When installing the driver, Windows will warn you for unsigned drivers, just ignore this message and continue install. Once installed, your computer should recognize the Printrboard as a CDC Device. You have successfully installed the driver.


To flash firmware on the Printrboard Rev D, you much jump the pins and the click on the reset button  highlighted below . This will put the Printrboard on Bootloader mode which will allow you to upload firmware. Once upload is completed, remove the jumper and click the reset button to connect to your host software. For older boards, do the opposite with the jumpers.

printrboard Firmware

Extract the Arduino 0022 where ever you like on your computer.

Click on the arduino.exe


Once the program is open, go to Tools –> Boards –> and select [BootLoaderCDC] Teensylu/Printrboard


Go to Tools –> Serial Port —> [Select Your Serial Port]

Now you are ready to flash firmware to your Printrboard.

Click File –> Open and then browse to your Firmware that you would like to flash, in this case its Marlin.pde


Click the “Play” icon and this will verify the firmware to the board you selected.


If all checks good, click on the upload icon and the firmware will be flashed to the board.


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